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Отказ от родительских прав и усыновление [30 Apr 2016|04:32pm]
Приветствую Вас! В феврале 2014 года я развелась с мужем. В октябре того же года родила от уже бывшего мужа ребенка и его записали отцом в...
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Куда жаловаться за нарушение авторского права? [30 Apr 2016|04:29pm]
Друзья, всем привет. Скажите пожалуйста, куда жаловаться за нарушение авторского права? По предварительной информации владелец сайта, на котором были...
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sry 'bout the brief hiatus... [22 Sep 2007|10:17pm]
[ mood | tired ]

 3 more days til HOUSE MD!!

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[30 Aug 2007|09:27pm]
[ mood l  chipper]

man, i wish i had some money....
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what a week! [24 Aug 2007|08:36pm]

[mood l  relaxed]

well school started on wednesday and boy have I been busy!!!
 It's schweet being a senior though (CLASS OF '08 BABY!!) and making fun of the freshman. my classes are pretty schweet too....right now i'm taking: Human Anatomy, Psychology, Math Analysis, AP Literature & Composition, and AP US Government. Human Anatomy is goingto be great....starting on Monday we're going to begin dissecting cats!!! We're going skin them and all!! It's gonna be intense and reek!! 


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aww...isn't he cute! [16 Aug 2007|08:56pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well...here's some pics of my new dog Spike....

[pssst....spike's the one on top with the white spot on his nose]

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[06 Aug 2007|09:07pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

we finally got our new dog! he's a caramel colored mini dachshund....he's like 6 weeks old and he's sooo small and ADORABLE! his name's spike...awww....he's soooo cute! 

i'll try to get some pics up.

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[02 Aug 2007|03:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

This morning I went to Wendy's for BREAKFAST!! Talk about scrumdidilyumpcious. I wouldn't say it's better than McDonald's though. THEY DON'T HAVE PANCAKES! Instead though they have french toast sticks.

It was pretty good.

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[01 Aug 2007|01:14am]
[ mood | cold ]

i refound this icon and...gosh i love classic snl. 

i think its time for a marathon "because the soupman says so".

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[28 Jul 2007|11:40pm]

[mood l  dorky ]
The new Harry Potter movie was sooo inense!! But could've been a lot longer. AND RON BARELY SAID ANYTHING!!!

Still loved it.

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